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I, _______________________________________________________ have read and understand the practical guidelines as set out hereunder and confirm that I will comply thereto and prepare accordingly. 1. I will sign all consent forms at home with my own pen and bring the forms to the practitioner’s practice, failing which I will not be treated. I may also sign same electronically and email same to the practitioner 2. Patients will be phoned and screened the day before consultations, and requested to take appropriate action if they are presenting with any risk symptoms or history 3. Patients will be stopped from entering the practice if the patient hasn't complied with proper control measures 4. Patients will not be allowed in the waiting room and will be requested to wait in their cars until called by the practitioner or a staff member to enter the practice 5. All patients will be sprayed with hand sanitiser upon entry 6. All patients must wear a face mask alternatively a face mask will be provided to the patient 7. On arrival, patients will again be screened for risk factors including the taking of a temperature 8. Between consultations, the necessary hygiene/cleaning protocols will be done by the practitioner and/or their staff compliment and this may cause a delay and prolong waiting periods 9. Patients are requested to avoid touching anything inside the practice 10. Patients are requested to remove any jewellery and leave same at home as it can be carriers of infections droplets
As a patient it is vital that you acquaint yourself with the requirements posted on this page BEFORE you book a chiropratic appointment.
Patient’s Signature (Parent / Guardian)
Starker Chiropractor - Dr. Felix Starker Designed by Ashworthweb All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2017
Enjoy A Healthier Life with Chiropractic

WHAT exactly does a

chiropractor do?

Your chiropractor checks your body for subluxations/fixations and if you have any, reduces or eliminates them with a safe, gentle adjustment. What’s a subluxation? A subluxation is a tiny, physical distortion misalignment or fixation that interferes with nerve transmission and expression that affects physical and emotional health.
Only a chiropractor can analyze your body for subluxations and correct them. A sublaxation: Is a structural distortion Interferes with nerve, brain and spinal cord function May strike at any time and at any age Usually painful but is often painless - most people don’t know they have them
Analyzes and corrects subluxations
Sublaxations cause dis-ease

HOW is a chiropractor


Chiropractors spend thousands of hours and many years mastering the science and art of locating and correcting subluxations. After college requirements are fulfilled, students spend years of chiropractic study.

WHAT is chiropractic


Chiropractors occupies a singularly unique place in healthcare with roots in both modern and ancient healing traditions. Case histories abound of people who have healed from many different conditions under chiropractic care. Healing occurs as a result of their body’s internal wisdom, or inner healer is allowed to function without interference.
Health from within